Deep State and the Election.

I am not really sure how t feel about the election this year.  Both Trump and Hillary are awful and both might have us in World War 3 within a year.  Gary Johnson is a joke that doesn’t know libertarian ethics and principles from a hole in the ground.  The Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle at least has a set of principles to stand by and personally I would be fine to head back to the original meaning of the constitution and then worry about anarchy from there.  There is really no chance of a libertarian world coming to us in one fallow swoop. I will probably end up writing in Daryl Perry for my vote.

Anyway, here is a take on the election from a view point you will never hear in the main stream drive by media.  It might give you more to think about.  Dark Journalist and Joseph P Farrell Discuss The candidates and election

Armory 3d – Just Can’t Wait

As a Game Art degree graduate,  I would love to make games and art in game engines  for a living.  One of the big issues with that is having to know everything about everything to really create a game.  Also, you need multiple programs just to create the art much less the logic and other things needed to produce a finished game.

The armory game engine promises to make some of these issues a little more manageable.  Amory will be a new engine built right into the open source 3d software Blender.  It also promises that the logic will be largely node based.  This means that you can create a game with PBR shading and lighting almost all in one program.  The only thing I will be using out side of Blender is Substance Painter and Designer for textures and a little Photoshop to help with that.  I will probably have to learn the programing language Haxe that the engine is written in but with a built in text editor even that should be able to be done directly in Blender.  The choice to use Substance is a personal one, Blender has plenty of power to create PBR textures within the program itself and tons of free and paid resources to help with that process.

Overall I can’t wait to for this engine to come out with what ever bus it may have in the beginning.  I am supporting the development and recommend you should to.  I already have the first game I am going to attempt in the works and will be sharing that progress as it comes along.  Stay tuned for my project Smugglers Run that I will be trying to build with Armory.

Check you the Armory Engine at

Back to Working with INT

For some time now I have been working with the indepentant game company Starboard Games LLC.  I, unfortunatlly, had to stop doing work for them do to work and personal situations in my life.  Over the last couple of days I was invited back and started modeling for them again.  Thank you Justin for bringing me back!!

Below are some WIP shots of the models I am working on for them